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Open City: Exploring innovative investing and funding models

Join Model D partner Open City and moderator Craig Fahle from WDET 101.9 FM Monday Nov. 18 for a discussion on alternate ways of raising capital for small business. The talk begins at 6 p.m. at Cliff Bell's in downtown Detroit. 

The Bird Pants Assembly Line

Put A Bird In It: The Business of Bird Pants

When entrepreneurship intersects with the arts something unexpected usually happens. For Missy Orge, chief program officer at Food Gatherers, it's meant a side business creating bird pants. Yup, you read that right. Trousers for our fine-feathered friends. 


Opinion: The enlightened path to social entrepreneurship

The mercurial Tunde Wey is a swashbuckler, a poet, a writer for our sister UIX project and a food and drink romantic. We asked him to bliss out over (revolver), the Hamtramck restaurant he co-founded with biz partner Peter Dalinowski.


Everything is Illuminated: Intellistreets Evolves the Humble Light Bulb

Let there be light... and sound and video. Farmington Hills-based Intellistreets is taking Thomas Edison's signature invention to a whole new level, using wireless technology to integrate digital information. It's only fitting that their product now illuminates his Menlo Park laboratory at The Henry Ford.

Nathan Voght at 544 Detroit Street

From Contamination to Community Investment

In a competitive real estate market, how do you make contaminated land economically viable for development?  In Ann Arbor and Dexter, Brownfield Redevelopment Financing programs have meant the difference between polluted vacant lots and vibrant community assets, helping to fight sprawl and foster smart growth in-fill.


Green Grocer: Fresh food aplenty in Southwest Detroit

Everyone knows that heading to Southwest Detroit for restaurant food is a smart thing to do. But fresh produce and meats at neighborhood grocers? You bet, says Nicole Rupersburg, who profiles five of the area's best in this report. 


On the Ground: Clearing blight, uncovering assets in Brightmoor

Developed nearly a century ago to accommodate the city's swelling population of laborers, Brightmoor remains on the cutting edge of future land use projects in Detroit. Matthew Lewis reports from the far Northwest side of town.


On the Ground: Youth entrepreneurship in action

The Detroit Community Schools is launching a Kickstarter campaign in partnership with TechTown's SWOT City program to raise funds needed to transform a garage into an entrepreneurial incubator. Matthew Lewis reports from Brightmoor.


Ferndale Firm Seeks to Provide Energy Everywhere and Anywhere

If you're looking for a local company that represents what's next in renewable energy innovation, Zerobase is probably your best bet. The firm specializes in off-the-grid power logistics for inhospitable environments. Luckily, it has found its new digs in downtown Ferndale to be just the opposite - a perfect community for its high tech employees.


The Stories Metro Detroit Tells

Heard any good stories lately? If you live in Metro Detroit there's no excuse for you haven't. Between TED talks and MOTH story competitions and Nerd Nite show and tells, locals have been telling tales worth listening to. Metromode's Nicole Rupersburg rounds up who's yammering where.

Blacksmith Scott Lankton at his Ann Arbor Studio

Scott Lankton: Ann Arbor's Master Blacksmith

Michigan is known for what it has been able to forge out of metal and steel. Scott Lankton takes that to a whole other level. As a master blacksmith he's forged everything from a sword for the British Museum to hand-wrought railings for local clients. Concentrate's Patrick Dunn chats with this local artisan about living and working in Ann Arbor.

Jean Henry at Zingerman's Deli

Guest Blogger: Jean Henry

Study after study has shown that dollars spent at the neighborhood shop instead of the big box get reinvested into the local community at much higher rates than those going into chain store coffers. Jean Henry, co-founder of Small & Mighty, a first-stage business support group, writes on how and why local spending is paying it forward. 


International students at Michigan schools present opportunities for economy

This Wednesday, Oct.16, Global Detroit and the Michigan Global Talent Retention Initiative release a report detailing where international students in the state are working after they graduate. Andrew Sokoly gives us a preview.

The New Solutions Group at the Green Garage-Detroit

A New Way to Look at Vacant Spaces in Metro Detroit

Placemaking and land-banking are all the rage these days but neither are easy to measure with any accuracy. So, how do you get the biggest bang for your economic development buck? Enter Nigel G. Griswol, an economic development consultant who has crunched the numbers.


Hand Blown Inspiration

People in glass houses... should probably take a class at The Glass Academy in Dearborn. From local craft brewery fans (who make their own mugs) to healthcare workers to an annual glass pumpkin fest, this innovative small business has found a way to introduce old world skills to new economy talent.
557 Articles | Page: | Show All
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