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One Detroit list

What if we really were one Detroit?

In Part II of his creative look at how neighborhood life has evolved in Detroit, Francis Grunow goes back over 300 years -- older than our nation itself -- to explore how we came to the footprint we have today, and how things might look under a greater municipal regional entitiy.   


Is bike sharing success a real possibility for Detroit?

We welcome back Kelli Kavanaugh, Model D's former development news editor and now East Riverfront bicycle entrepreneur, who will be writing about cycling in the city over the coming months. First up: all you needed to know about bike sharing but were afraid to ask. 


City kids: Growing next generation of medical professionals

A combination of mentoring, job shadowing, and taking kids inside classrooms and labs used to train tomorrow's scientists, doctors and coders is helping prepare young Detroiters for careers in health care. Amy Kuras shows us how it's getting done.

John Hieftje

Exit Interview Part Two: Mayor John Hieftje

Concentrate continues its interview with out-going Ann Arbor mayor John Hieftje. Last time we chatted with the mayor about his time in office and the upcoming final year. In this installment we get his long-term outlook on the city and its challenges.


Metro Detroit Gets Ready to Grow with Transit-Oriented Development

As regional transit moves closer to reality for metro Detroit, cities and developers prepare to reap the economic potential of high-speed buses and streetcars through plans for placemaking and transit-oriented development.

One of 90 Kids Playgrounds in Ann Arbor

5 Things Ann Arbor Could Do To Attract Young Professionals (But Isn't)

Communities change whether we plan for it or not. In charting Ann Arbor's next stage responding to the needs and desires of the Millennial generation (76 million strong) is not simply a matter of indulgence but a social reality. They are, literally, our future. So how do we attract and keep the best and brightest of them? We have some ideas...


Rebuilding Detroit's first and last neighborhood

Francis Grunow's presentation at last month's Idealab in Ann Arbor was so good we thought it should reach a wider audience in Model D. Not only that: we're turning it into a three-part think series on Detroit neighborhoods. Take it away, sir. 


Open City preview: Who's the boss?

Good question to start off the new year on the right entrepreneurial foot: 'Who's the boss' is all about exploring alternative ownership models in the local business community. Check it out Jan. 20 at Cliff Bell's in downtown Detroit.


A Vital Connection

Inspired by personal struggles with cancer, Stephen Goldner partnered with David Fuehrer to launch CureLauncher, a company that connects patients with experimental treatments. In less than a year this Bloomfield Hills-based startup has seen an incredible response from hospitals, health organizations, investors and, most importantly, doctors and their patients.

Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje

Exit Interview Part One: Mayor John Hieftje

As Ann Arbor's longest serving mayor John Hieftje has been instrumental in establishing what our community is today and helping chart what it'll become tomorrow. In a two-part interview Concentrate chats with the out-going city leader about his achievements and frustrations, final plans and hopes for the future.


Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to spend time with our families and friends. The folks at Metromode will be enjoying two weeks of rest, relaxation, bad sweaters and good cheer. Some sleeping in may also be involved. We'll see you on January 9th!

John Barrie at Maker Works Ann Arbor

Lighting Up Latin America

Architect John Barrie went from a "relatively few well-off clients" to "a whole lot of very poor clients" and couldn't be happier. After seeing how villagers struggled without electricity in Latin America, Barrie decided that he could make a difference - by launching Appropriate Technology Collaborative, a non-profit that develops low cost solar energy technology for communities in need. 


Green City Diaries: 2013 in review

One of the threads running through the eight diary entries we published this year is seeing different people engaged in different passions in all corners of Detroit. Matthew Piper recaps 2013 in sustainability and green living.


Metro Detroit's Jerky Boys

Head into northern Michigan and homemade jerky is a way of life. Here in metro Detroit, not so much. That hasn't stopped Don and Steve Francis from elevating dried cured meat and sausage to an art form. From bison to rattlesnake, the brothers have built a pair of businesses that have attracted fans from all over the country.


Model D TV: Detroit Design Center sculpts new signage for Avenue of Fashion

A neighborhood retail initiative led by the Detroit Lions and Hatch Detroit brings our video team back again to the upper Livernois commercial district for this series of Model D TV episodes. Enjoy Part II produced by DETROIT LIVES! 
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