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Rob Hess serving up Go! Ice Cream from his 1946 Worksman tricycle

Ice Cream Man 2.0

To paraphrase David Lee Roth: "He's your Ice Cream Man, stop him when he's passin' by." ...Or pedaling by, as the case may be. Rob Hess is the bicycle-bound peddler (and pedaler) of Go! Ice Cream, the latest addition to Ann Arbor-Ypsi's army of hand-crafted, small-batch food artisans. We, for one, welcome their invading forces.


Making a Ripple Rather Than a Blast

Hans Hegge was into texting before anyone knew the meaning of "LOL." It's hard to believe but six years ago text message technology was an open frontier. And Hegge's Text Ripple was an early pioneer. Today the Auburn Hills-based text marketing company has clients in 38 states and big plans for the next tech innovation.


Opinion: Detroit is the Opportunity of a Generation

In the 14 months that the author has lived in Detroit after moving here from Philadelphia, he has assembled a spirited team of innovators, specialists and changemakers. Jason Lorimer sent us this opinion piece. We're happy to run it.


Rust Belt Market Redux: The Success of Small Businesses in a Big Box Store

What started as a noble experiment in support of local artists, creatives and vendors has turned into a vibrant success. Not only has Ferndale's Rust Belt Market been both a home and launching pad for new businesses, it's in the process of becoming an event destination.

L to R Albert Foo and Sharath Anand with ExtinBreachR at Skyline High School

A Blaze of Innovation

While most kids are wasting their time mastering Xbox, high schoolers Albert Foo and Sharath Anand are developing a new fire-fighting technology, one that extinguishes interior flames from outside the building. So far ExtinBreachR has landed them top science fair awards and a couple of small grants. But they've got bigger plans.

Anuja Rejendra at Bollyfit

The BollyFit Blend: A Q&A with Anuja Rajendra

Some might call it an accidental career, but when a passionate hobby becomes a successful business it seems more like an inevitability. Anuja Rajendra's zeal for fitness and Bollywood-style dance inspired BollyFit, both a lifestyle and growing brand. 


A Market Grows in Downtown Pontiac

If there's a canary in the coalmine for downtown vibrancy, it's a thriving grocery store. Lafayette Market and Cafe in downtown Pontiac opened its doors at the end of 2012 and is reaching beyond the loft-dwellers that live above to connect with the surrounding community. 


Recycling in Detroit: You made it happen

Recycle Here! is packed every Saturday and there is curbside recycling in Rosedale Park, East English Village and Palmer Woods/University District, servicing nearly 50,000 households. Matthew Naimi says that's only the beginning of the Bee Green movement.


A Need For Raw Talent

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Southfield-based mobile apps firm jacApps, thinks that talent rather than experience is critical to building success in today's ever-evolving mobile technology industry. Jon Zemke chats with Jacobs about the challenges of and strategies for attracting the best and brightest to his growing company. 

Matthew Clayson of DC3

Q&A: Matthew Clayson of Detroit Creative Corridor Center

He knows as much about fast companies and creative talent as anyone in town, so Jon Zemke gave Matt Clayson a call for a quick Q&A about "Gazelles" jumping into the local entrepreneurial landscape. Take it away, guys.


Global Detroit: Sneaking a peek at talent retention initiative

It is becoming widely known that immigrants in Michigan contribute enormously to the state's economy. Ajooni Sethi walks us through a preview of what could be a landmark initiative to help attract and retain Detroit talent.  

Tyler Paxton at the Are You A Human space at the Madison Building in Detroit

Seeding the Ground for Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

The risks to startup culture are a two-way street. Not only must you convince investors to make a calculated leap of faith, you also need talent that's willing to commit sweat equity to an uncertain future. The Adams Entrepreneur Fellowship Program is looking to make the second half of that equation a little easier while applying a slow-food strategy toward fostering local entrepreneurship.


Just In Time Talent Requires Real Time Data

Most employment analysis involves looking at trends and forecasts that are nearly 2 years old. But what if real time data could be provided to educators and economic development programs? The Workforce Intelligence Network has developed such a system, helping provide a clearer picture of the current job landscape. Their first report reveals some of the reasons for Michigan's "skills gap."


Special edition: Mass production alive and well in Detroit

There is a new generation of manufacturers emerging in Detroit. Watches, bicycles, pickles and other environmentally friendly processes and products are being created. Jon Zemke takes a closer look at Shinola, McClure's and Fusion Coolant Systems in this Model D special edition.  


Special edition: Q&A with Joe McClure

Growing up in the metro area, Joe McClure spent much of his childhood making pickles using a family recipe, passed on for generations. He tells Jon Zemke why education and the Detroit brand are critical to the success of his business in this special edition Q&A. 
517 Articles | Page: | Show All
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