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Detroit's new bicycle economy

Ideas for a non-motorized future are rolling forward, cycling businesses are forming and improving the quality of life. This looks like another "wow" Detroit enterprise trend gaining traction. Dennis Archambault reports from the fast lane.


Publisher's notebook: Pop-up culture and the new wave of walkable retail

Detroit's Village people, envied for their gorgeous homes a stone's skip away from the river, have long wished for their own retail district. Good things are starting to develop this fall, there and in other key neighborhoods, says Claire Nelson.


UIX people and projects: Kelli Kavanaugh and Tour de Troit

Kelli Kavanaugh is co-director of the annual Tour de Troit and co-owner of retail bicycle shop, Wheelhouse Detroit. She believes that non-motorized transportation is the future of the Motor City. So do we.

Martin Vloet at MGoPatio

Big House Businesses

Half a dozen Saturdays a year Ann Arbor's population practically doubles, as U-M football brings in Big Ten gridiron fans. Some see the game day influx as an inconvenience. Others see it as an economic opportunity.


GSTV Pumps Media Into the Mundane

Let's face it, pumping gas is a drag. Not just the price, but the physical act of standing around watching the little LCD monitor add more debt to your credit card. Well, one man's boredom is another man's business opportunity. Enter GSTV, a successful Birmingham company that wants to put a TV at every gas pump.


Our Economic Diversity: Where Middle East Meets Midwest

More than just hookah bars and falafel joints, Metro Detroit's Arab-American economy has become a vital and increasingly intertwined part of our community. From halal pizzerias to hijab boutiques, a new generation of business owners is helping to blur our cultural and geographic lines. 


The Apps Metro Detroit CEOs Can't Do Without

It's an app app app world. Metromode's Jon Zemke quizzes some of Metro Detroit's CEOs on which business apps they can't live without, which apps others should use, and which locally produced apps are worth checking out.


Business evolution: From incubation to visibility

So what happens to startups and other small enterprises after they're fully baked in an entrepreneurial incubator? That's what we set out to find in this special report from three Michigan cities - Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo. 


Detroit Design on a grand scale

In only its second year, the Detroit Design Festival has become one of the city's top must-see, must-do happenings. That sounds great, but organizers Matt Clayson and Melinda Anderson tell Walter Wasacz its longterm potential is even greater.

Dave Strenski outside his home on Oak Stree

Three Blocks Of Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Parvis e glandibus quercus. Translation: "Tall oaks from little acorns grow." It's a sentiment that couldn't be truer for Ypsilanti's Oak Street, a three block neighborhood that has attracted some of the city's best and brightest. Constance Crump gives us a tour.


Detroit Revitalization Fellow: Brian Connors

Before moving to Detroit in 2010, Brian Connors lived in Beijing, where he created a language school and a 24-hour, American-stlye diner. We should be glad he's brought his energy and ideas to our town, says Jay Walljasper.


Global Detroit: ProsperUS turns vision into neighborhood action

This new initiative will conduct training sessions in Cody Rouge, North End, and Southwest Detroit, predominantly Arab-American, African-American, and Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods. Ajooni Sethi connects the dots. 

Urbanwood in the interior of the Traverwood Library Branch

Treecycling with Urbanwood

After the fall of many of Southeast Michigan's urban trees to the emerald ash borer and other misfortunes, a group of sustainability-minded individuals were left standing. Concentrate talks with Urbanwood, a partnership that's now a national model of recycling trees into green products.


Model D TV: Nextek Power Systems

Detroit is filling up with growing companies, and we're scouring the city in search of as many we can find to broadcast on Model D TV. DETROIT LIVES! takes its cameras to Nextek Power Systems for this episode.


Detroit Revitalization Fellow: Felicia Andrews

She started making a difference in Johannesburg and London, came home to attend U-M Law before returning to work in Africa. But Felecia Andrews found her calling where she began, in her native Detroit. Jay Walljasper makes the introduction.
471 Articles | Page: | Show All
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