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Sarah Nicoli

Sarah Nicoli, relaunching a 20th Century business in the 21st Century

Sarah Nicoli started her own day planner line, DotMine Day Planners, in the late 20th Century. She stopped production last year only to meet a vocal demand for the return of her day planners. She relaunched the firm over the last year.

Steve Schwartz

Steve Schwartz explains guiding a startup to acquisition

Carcode SMS went from meeting its future parent company to acquisition within a few months. Co-founder Steve Schwartz explains what made that process happen.

Andrew Kopietz

Andy Kopietz explains making the leap from employee to employer

Andy Kopietz spent the better part of a decade working for someone, until he started to work for himself when he launched Good Done Daily. The Detroiter explains why making that leap made sense.

Ben Chutz

Ben Chutz explains why to focus autism startup on caregivers

Ben Chutz is building a startup to help fight autism (Birdhouse for Autism) and he is doing it by focusing on helping the people taking care of those with autism.

Bob Kraemer

Bob Kraemer on where downtown Detroit development is headed

Bob Kraemer has seen the ups and downs of redeveloping downtown Detroit since he opened Kraemer Design Group in Harmonie Park in 1997. He also has an idea or two where development will be heading in the next few years.

Brian Perrone

Brian Perrone on slowly growing the Slows footprint

Slows restaurant in Detroit caught lightning in a bottle when it opened in 2005. It has slowly grown since then despite numerous offers to open around the world. Co-founder Brian Perrone explains why.


The Landmark development in downtown Ann Arbor

Is Ann Arbor affordable? Nope. (And that's official.)


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