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Sassa Akervall

Sassa Akervall, taking biz from the basement to its 1st office

Sassa Akervall has built her business from the basement up. The CEO of Akervall Technologies recently took the startup from her house to its first office in Saline.

Juliet Shrader

Juliet Shrader, expanding leadership to grow a company

Growing a company isn't just about adding more employees. Sometimes it's about adding more leadership. It's what Juliet Shrader discovered when she expanded iVantage Group's executive team and revenue growth followed.

Max Schmidt

Max Schmidt, fashionably changing careers

Max Schmidt couldn't find the right suit for a wedding, so he decided to make his own. It's a decision that led him to opening up his own custom tailor shop, 1701 Bespoke, in downtown Detroit.

Joe Hessling

Joe Hessling, balancing CEO and shareholder duties

Joe Hessling is the founder & CEO of 365 Retail Markets, which means he has to balance a shareholder's need to create value and a executive's impulse to build a business.


Sassa Akervall in her office

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Toby Barlow sinks his teeth into the local ad industry

Tawnee McCluskey

Want to get people back to work? Fill the basic skills gap

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Stories from the new economy: ACCESS Growth Center

ACCESS Growth Center assists immigrant entrepreneurs in making Metro Detroit more than a place of residence -- but rather a place they can call home.

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